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A ghostwriter translates your thoughts in your voice to the page in a way that reflects your vision for the work and makes your readers thrilled they found you. As your ghostwriter, I meet you and your work where you are, and together we create a manuscript that will receive the consideration it deserves by agents and publishers or is ready for self-publishing.

A book coach guides and supports you through the process of writing your book. As your coach, I see that you develop a structure for the book, establish a schedule with deadlines, and together, we regularly review your work to ensure you're writing the book you want.

If you choose the traditional publishing route, you'll need a book proposal. I can provide you with a complete, professional proposal with all the elements required to shop your book to agents and publishers.

There is more to publishing a book than writing one. Whether you choose traditonal- or self-publishing, I can create a platform and put together a pre- and post-publication marketing plan that gets your book into readers' hands. 

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"We had the big idea. We had the research and resources. But it was Beth who had the skill to help us bring it all together in a book. She was open and innovative and so easy to work with. The book exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier."

Janet Reid

CEO & Managing Partner, BRBS World

Co-author with Vincent Brown of Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting a Biased Brain

Start Here 

With An A&R

(Analysis & Recommendations)


If you already have a manuscript or several chapters and an outline, a great place for us to start is with an A&R. This written report:

  • Lays out your current work's strengths and weaknesses

  • Shows you where your book fits best in today’s market

  • And lets you know step-by-step what to do to get it ready to publish.

This is also a great tool for determining where you are in your process and helping you decide if you want the support of a ghostwriter or coach. 

Certified Ghostwriter & Book Coach