Here's How It Works


The relationship between the author (you) and the ghostwriter (me) is a close one. The concept is yours. The voice is yours. The book is yours. As your ghostwriter, I help you define your objective for your book, create a working outline, and produce a professional manuscript ready to shop to agents and traditional publishers, or ready for self-publishing. (I can help you weigh your publishing options as well and choose the best route for your book.)


The process begins with your idea. If you have notes, an outline, research materials, or a manuscript, I read, and then you talk and I listen. If what you have at the moment is an idea, we talk. All completely confidential.  


Based on what we discuss, I present you with a proposal. 

If you like what you read, I create a contract that lays out our roles and responsibilities to each other. Once we sign, we begin.


As the ghostwriter, I do the heavy lifting interviewing, organizing, and writing. As the author, you have input at every step and the final say at every turn.


Once the manuscript is complete, your name alone goes on the book. You alone own the copyright. My work is work for hire. As a ghost, I remain anonymous and everything we have talked about and done remains confidential.  


If you wish, I can also produce your book proposal, guide you through soliciting agents and publishers, and help you build a platform and marketing plan for your book. 


Let's get started on your book!  
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"Beth is not only professional and talented, she is creative and fun to work with. I was overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book, and Beth was a great partner, giving me structure and process so I could easily turn my ideas into a finished project. Most importantly, she is skilled at finding the author's voice. Not sure how she does it, but she was able to write and edit in ways that sounded like me. I loved that!"

Meridith Elliott Powell

Business Growth Expert

Author of Winning in The Trust & Value Economy

FAQ About



Why do people use a ghost?

There are many reasons, but the most common are:

  • They want professional guidance through a process that is new to them. They don't want to waste time and energy trying to figure it out 

  • They find the thought of writing a book overwhelming. They know a ghost will make it manageable and their book will get written.

  • They have no interest in doing the outline, first-draft writing, and final line editing of the book

Writing a book, any book, is a big commitment of time, energy, and emotion. Having a ghostwriter allows an author to have confidence in the outcome.


How long will it take for you to finish my book?

That depends on the scope of our work. Typically, you can plan on six to ten months. Six months for a simple business or how-to book. Ten months for a more complicated project. But every project is different. You will recieve an approximate timeline as part of the proposal. 


Who gets the credit?

You do. As a ghost, my work is work for hire. Once I hand you your finished manuscript, my name need never come up again. Your name is on the book. You own the copyright. You make all profits from book sales, selling rights, etc.


What are your rates and what do they include?

As your ghost, I'm responsible for organizing, writing, and line editing your manuscript. For a full explanation of services and a firm price, contact me.  


Will you work for credit and future profits from sales?

No. This is your book.  


Why don’t you write your own books?

I do. I have two books published in my own name—The Real Dope On Dealing With An Addict and Community Action At Work. I like writing my own books, but I like the challenge of ghostwriting too. 


More Questions?

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Certified Ghostwriter & Book Coach