Book Coaching

Book Coaching:

Here's How It Works


A book coach is your professional guide through the process of writing your book. As your coach, I support you in the areas where you decide you want support. I can assist you with:

  • Setting a realistic writing timetable

  • Outlining your book and correcting any structural issues 

  • Reviewing your manuscript with you chapter by chapter and coaching you on your writing

  • Working with you through editing or providing you with a line edit

  • And being there for you to give you accountability, ensuring you create the work you want in the time period you want.


I can also guide you through the publishing process and be as involved as you want in developing a platform and marketing plan for your book.  


The coaching process begins with a conversation. Together, we determine where you are in the book writing process, where you'd like to go, and when you'd like to get there. Once decided, I create a proposal that fully explains how we will work together, what you can expect from me, what our responsiblities are toward each other, how often we will meet, and the fee. If you like what you read, we sign a contract and our work begins. Everything between us, of course, remains completely confidential.  

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"With Beth’s coaching, I’ve produced a manuscript with a structure and level of readability I never would've achieved on my own. She eliminated the learning curve on industry standards and educated me on tricks of the trade. I’m a better writer for her coaching with a much better book."

Dorothy Husen

Marriage & Family Therapist

Author of Breaking the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma

Publication, Fall 2020

FAQ About 

Book Coaching


What's the difference between a book coach and a ghostwriter?

With a ghostwriter, you have the ideas, the ghostwriter does the writing. With a book coach, you have the ideas and you do the writing. As your coach, I provide direction, structure, accountability, and constructive feedback as you write your book. 


Who uses a book coach? 

People who want to do the actual writing of their book themselves but want some professional guidance through the process. 


How long will it take to finish my book?

That's up to you. However, as your coach, I can help you set a realistic timeline and provide accountability. 


How much does a book coach cost? 

The monthly fee depends on how involved you wish me to be in your process and what services you need. The best way to get a firm price is to email me so we can set up an appointment to discuss your exact needs.


Can you help me find an agent or publisher?

I can guide you in the process and provide you with a professional book proposal.  


Can you help me self-publish?

Yes. I can walk with you through the self-publishing process, and help you build the marketing platform you'll need for sales.  


More Questions?

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